Personalised Football Books


Personalised Football Books

Football supporters. Ever noticed how some of them border on the fanatical? They’ve got the shirts – home and away. They go to every game – home and away. And they lead the terrace sing-song – home and away. In fact, they’re the sort of fan who has their team’s logo emblazoned on their pants and socks.

It’s a commitment that inevitably makes buying gifts tricky. When asked what they want, you always get “something Arsenal”, “anything from Chelsea”, or “don’t really mind… as long as it’s to do with Liverpool.” Left up the proverbial creek without a paddle, what do you get the football nut who’s already got everything his team has to offer?

One option is to go for a personalised football book. And before you dismiss it with a “Nah, that’s pointless, he’s a Notts County fan”, bear in mind there are far more ufabet เว็บแม่ teams available than just the Premier League giants. Any number of Championship sides feature, as well as clubs from Leagues 1, 2 and Scotland. There’s even a football book for non-league big boys, Luton Town.

So what exactly do these football club books entail? Well, whether it’s Manchester United or Manchester City, Bristol Rovers or Bradford City, they’re all made up of tabloid-sized reprints of the original newspaper coverage from the date. And we’re not just going back a few years here – a lot of them include reports from the early part of the 20th century. It’s literally a year-by-year account of the club’s history, as reported at the time. Plus, to round things off in the modern era, each football book has now been updated to include all the reaction from the 2009/10 season.

It gets better, too – you can choose from three types of cover. There’s the standard linen-effect cover, a red leatherette finish and for something really quite posh, black leather. And that’s not all. For that extra-special touch, you can personalise your football book. First off, there’s the certificate on the opening page, which can feature any message you like to the recipient. Then there’s the option of adding his or hers name to the front of the personalised football book. Okay, so it costs a little bit more, but once it’s embossed in gold, you’ll know they’re going to love it.

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