Find Out How the National Football League’s New Rule Will Affect Your NFL Weekly Picks


Find Out How the National Football League’s New Rule Will Affect Your NFL Weekly Picks

If someone would have told you that referees would affect your NFL weekly picks, you’d probably think that Roger Goodell lost his marbles and hired Tim Donaghy to start officiating football games. Certainly it’s nowhere near that serious, but a small tweak to the positioning of officials has caused a big stir during the preseason.

For years, we’ve all seen video of running backs and linebackers plowing over officials too slow to clear out. While it’s provided plenty of Football Follies fodder over the years, it became a safety issue for many of the older officials in the league. So in an effort to keep the men in stripes from getting caught between the rock and a hard place (namely a linebacker’s helmet), the NFL decided to try placing the umpire in a new spot. Instead of lining up in his traditional spot in the middle of the defense, the league chose to move the umpire into the offensive backfield behind the deepest running back. The official would move back to his original spot during the final two minutes of each half.

One problem: No one consulted Peyton Manning. During last week’s game against the Green Bay Packers, Peyton and pals were flagged twice for illegal snaps – not waiting long enough for the official to get into position before starting the play. That made Manning snap; complaining that the new rule would make it harder for teams – his team specifically – to rally in the two-minute offense. Manning got some backup from his general manager, Bill Polian, who says he would have voted against the rule change if he knew how it would have affected his team.

In response, the league is attempting to tweak the rule. For the final round of preseason games, the umpire will remain in the offensive backfield except for the final five minutes of game, when he will once again spot up in his traditional position. After Thursday night’s games end, the NFL will re-evaluate the change and determine whether to make it permanent.

Regardless of how the rule is enacted, you can expect that theufabet มือถือ เว็บออนไลน์ NFL will try to do what it can to protect the umpires who have been increasingly put in harm’s way. As players get bigger, faster and stronger, the chance for serious injury increases exponentially. So while the Colts and their fans may howl about how the new ruling impacts their team’s offense, chances are it’s here to stay – which means your NFL weekly picks should be made wisely.

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