Dribbling For a Winning Move


Dribbling For a Winning Move

football, basketball, bandy and water polo follows the technique of dribbling to bring ball behind a defender, helping create opportunity to score. In the classic game, players push the ball headed toward their opponents’ to get control of the ball.

In football, dribbling is the most difficult skill to master and is considered as the most useful attacking move; it involves running with the ball closer to their feet. Many times it is worthless at wings, where most of the attacks occur. If this skill is poorly mastered, it may result in loss of chance if tackled by defender. If you have immediate access to the ball, then do not keep it nearer to your body, as you lose it. To be successful with this technique, get your adversary off balance.

The perfect dribbler has creativity learnt involuntarily by going behind hisufabet มือถือ opponent and sneaking in the ball. A master often dribbles at any necessary time; performs move in one foot and gets to the next. The dribbler needs to be creative, as dribbling is a difficult skill to perform and may result in losing chance. This technique helps the dribbler develop beating his opponent and leaving him wrong footed.

There are many techniques in this fabulous game: football; it’s all the passion and the perfect timing which makes the effectual move to win a game. As one wrong move costs a lot, all the techniques need to be practiced for many years in order to become professional.

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