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Crosby Gilbert & Sullivan Society

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One of Gilbert & Sullivan’s better known Operetta's starting off in Venice, Italy, before moving onto the the fictional country of Barataria – featuring Two possible heirs to the thrown, A pompous Duke, his wife and daughter,a secret agent, a long hidden secret, a group of love-struck girls and a load of Gondoliers! The Operetta is probably known for the songs "For the Merriest Fellows", "Take a Pair of Sparkling eyes", "When a Merry Maiden Marries" and "Dance a Cachuca".

Musical Director - Chris Larkin

Producer - Barry Prescott

 Dramatis Personae

At Liverpool Epstein Theatre, Wednesday 2nd March to Saturday 5th March 2016. Tickets can be purchased by going to


Would you like a concert party?

We perform a number of concerts throughout the year, but are always looking for new venues and opportunities. We can tailor a performance to suit the occasion, and can either bring the whole company or a smaller ensemble as required. Our repertoire is predominantly G&S but we add variety by including items from other works of the same era and quality. Let us know if you have any special requests! We charge a fee for our appearances tailored to the type of concert, duration, personnel required etc. Please call Pam on 01704 871712 and we will get in touch with you


Pianists Needed!

We need accompanists for all our rehearsals and concerts and we are always looking to recruit new people to join our list. If you're a good sight-reader and enjoy accompanying, call Pam on 01704 871712.